Water Purifiers for Recreation

Do you enjoy your recreational activities but concerned about the water you are drinking. There is no need to worry about water quality again. Purifiers Australia has a range of water purifiers that are trusted for guaranteed water purification/filtration without the need for electricity.

No need for chlorine tablets, which only alters the taste of water, install a Seagull®IV instead.

Safely remove all forms of bacteria, viruses and Cysts and enjoy your vacation without the fear of water borne illnesses.

Water safety is a concern for travellers. Whether you are staying in a hotel or hiking in remote locations without a reliable water source Purifiers Australia has the purifier/filter right for you.

Quality tested for the life of the product you will be happy with the results, guaranteed.


Seagull IV X-1F – Campers, Caravans, RV’s Motorhomes, Cruisers, Sail boats, Yachts.

Spark-L-Pure – Motorhomes, Commercial Fishing Vessels, Sail boats, Yachts, Gov- Departments.

Seagull IV-X6 – Offshore Yachts, Sail boats, Cruise Vessels, Ships, Commercial Freight.

Our Recreational Water Purifiers range include: