Water Purifiers for Homes

Our entire range of water filters and water purifiers are simply the best when it comes to safe drinking water.

The range of Seagull® Water Purifiers removes 100% chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, cysts and viruses, while the Aqua Polish range is the ideal water filter for low cost but quality filtration.

Exclusive “Structured Matrix” Technology incorporated into a compact, heavy duty, stainless steel models built to last.

Seagull IV® X-1F – Complete Sink unit Kit

Seagull IV® X-1D – Counter Top,

Seagull IV® X-2KF – Complete Sink unit with extra outlet ports and higher capacity

Seagull IV X-6® – Large Capacity Water Purifier, for the highest grade purification at maximum output.

Spark-L-Pure® – Large Capacity – High Volume, High Flow Microfiltration for the entire House, the perfect Whole House water filter.

Aqua Polish® #5 – Low cost, quality water filter used as a in-line filter or stand-alone tap

Aqua Polish® #10 – When high volume quality filtration is required at a low cost

Aqua Polish® #20 – High capacity water filtration perfect for a Small Whole House water filter

Our Water Purifiers for Homes range include: