Water Purifiers for Hospitality

We offer the highest grade quality commercial water purification systems on the market. Find out why our purifiers are used in major airlines, Iron Chef Japan, the U.N Peacekeeping forces and the Australia Army.

Seagull IV® X-1F – Complete Sink unit Kit

Seagull IV® X-2KF – Suitable for dual connection of Coffee Machine and Ice Makers 7.6 LPM Flow

Seagull IV® X-6 – Suitable for Commercial Kitchen Applications, Factories, Offices, Whole House 24 LPM Flow

Spark-L-Pure® – Commercial, Industrial applications, Whole house micro-filtration 100 LPM Flow.

Aqua Polish® #10 – When high volume quality filtration is required at a low cost, perfect for ice machines and coffee machines.

Aqua Polish® #20 – High capacity water filtration perfect for a Small Whole House water filter

Our Water Purifiers for Hospitality range include: