Spark L Pure

For the entire house

The SPARK L PURE system not only provides you with freshly filtered water across your home, it also provides tremendous savings and benefits.

The benefits of Spark L Pure home-wide filtered water:

  • Removes fibers, dirt and scale, foul tastes, odours, specific pesticides and other chemical contaminants
  • Uses no chemicals or electricity
  • Many sufferers of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis & other problems such as dry skin say that cleaner water greatly improves their conditions
  • Can help to extend the life of dishwashers & washing machines – softer, cleaner clothes
  • Spark-L-Pure Cartridge capacity* 100,000 litres (approx. 2 years for residential use & 1 year for commercial use*)
    * The capacity and timeframes is only an indication on the average performance of cartridges, these may vary according to amount of use, water flow and influent/incoming water characteristics.
  • Simple & Compact
  • Because it’s installed directly into the fresh water supply line you won’t see it, but you will notice improved taste, and feel on your skin.

Our Spark-L-Pure Water Purifier range:

Replacement Spark-L-Pure Water Purifier cartridge: