Seagull® IV X-1F


The Seagull IV X-1F system is a truly unique, compact, point-of-use appliance designed to change virtually any treatable non-salt water into delicious drinking water that is both safe and enjoyable to consume.

Because the Seagull IV X-1F unit was developed with aircraft, yachting and recreational vehicle applications in mind, it is especially rugged, dependable, simple, and easily serviced. It requires no addition of chemicals and no electricity. The Seagull IV X-1F is a chemical free drinking water purification system.

All Seagull IV purifiers are certified to meet US EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological “Purification” for the removal of bacteria, pathogenic cysts and virus.


Seagull®IV X-1F is an award winning water purifier for under-sink easy installation. Its flow capacity is 3.8 Litres per minute with a dedicated chrome finish faucet. A beautiful combination of form and function, Seagull®IV water purifiers combines an advanced “Structured Matrix™” technology with the strength and endurance of modern materials.

Unlike many water filters in the market today, Seagull® IV technology ensures there is no bacteria growth in the cartridge.

Seagull IV® water purifier retains valuable minerals and electrolytes in the water.

All Seagull®IV purification systems are independently certified to meet EPA standard protocol guide for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses. Plus, Seagull®IV systems excel at removing chemical and aesthetic contaminants including herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and foul tastes, odours and colours, for great tasting pure water.

Seagull®IV X-1F features a stainless steel pressure vessel; “Quick and Easy” pressure proof installation lines, ceramic disk faucet, Structured Matrix™ cartridge, and mounting bracket.

Click here for more information on Structured Matrix™ technology

Additional Details

  • Purifies water instantly
  • Exceptional removal capacity
  • No chemicals or electricity required
  • Effective and dependable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Under sink purifier with separate dedicated tap
  • Independently certified to meet EPA guide standard protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses


  • Chrome ceramic disk tap
  • Cartridge
  • Hoses
  • Mounting system



Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 3.8 Litres/min
Capacity* Avg.: 3800 Litres
Operating Pressure: 25 psi – 125 psi
Particle Retention: 0.1 Micron
Dimension: 12.7 cm (diameter) x 13.7 cm (height)
Cartridge: RS-1SG

* Capacity may vary depending on influent water quality
** intended for COLD water use


  • Mains Water, Rain Water, River Water
  • Home
  • Restaurants / Cafe
  • Offices
  • Commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes / RV