Technical Information

Contaminant Removal Capabilities

Seagull® IV X-1, Seagull® IV X-2, Seagull® IV X-6 Water Purifiers

Download Test Performance X-1, X-2 and X-6 Drinking Water Purification Systems PDF

General Ecology presents data from testing specifically selected to demonstrate product effectiveness in removing those contaminants most frequently encountered in water supplies. Please note that all General Ecology test results represent performance using actual contaminants, not substitute surrogates which some companies submit

This Performance Data Sheet shows some of the removal capabilities of Seagull IV Water Purifiers. It is recommended that before purchasing a water treatment unit you have your water supply tested to determine your actual water treatment needs.

Product Brand Name:

  • Seagull® IV X-1 Drinking Water Purification System – Configuration B,F,D,P, FP
  • Seagull® IV X-2 Drinking Water Purification System – Configuration B,KB,KF
  • Seagull® IV X-6 Drinking Water Purification System

Manufacturer: Made in USA by General Ecology, Inc.

Aesthetic Water Quality Improvement

Seagull®IV Drinking Water Purification Systems also remove the following, which some individuals may find offensive in drinking water:
Chlorine   I   Foul Taste   I   Colour   I   Foul Odours   I   Turbidity

Test Conditions

All tests were conducted under standard operating conditions as previously stated for rated capacity of cartridge/module. The data are based on documented results from specific testing and are generally regarded as indicative of the effectiveness to be expected but are not specific claims of performance. Performance may vary due to water characteristics and system operating conditions.

* Maximum Contaminant Level of Federal Standards shown unless a more rigorous standard is indicated.
** New York Maximum Contaminant Level is more rigorous than Federal level.
*** Total per 500 gallons.
§ Sampled at less than rated capacity.
± Iron will tend to shorten cartridge life.
¥ Cartridge used in the test was 1 year 2 months old.

Note: Seagull®IV purifiers do not remove beneficial dissolved salts and essential minerals.
Various Federal, State and Local regulations may become known or change and affect distribution and presentation of performance claims. All health claims not in compliance with local or state laws are hereby withdrawn.

General Ecology Water Purifiers Certified to EPA Guide Standards

Download Certified to EPA Guide Standards PDF

Seagul® IV Water Purifiers & First Need Portable Water Purifiers
Instant, effective purification of drinking water WITHOUT chemical poisons such as iodine or chlorine, WITHOUT holding time, WITHOUT double processing – truly a unique and remarkable water purification technology. There is no other product on the market that compares to the advanced “Structured Matrix™” technology of General Ecology® water purifiers.

According to recent tests conducted by an independent laboratory at the University of Arizona, General Ecology’s First Need® portable water purifier, together with the Seagull®IV water purifiers for RV, boat and home, were shown to be completely effective in removing bacteria, cysts and viruses!
Most importantly, these units purify without chemicals, holding time or double processing. Because General Ecology water purifiers actually remove pathogens, they also eliminate toxins in the pathogens at the same time, along with pesticides, herbicides. industrial solvents, foul tastes and odors.

Three series of tests were conducted to document removal of microbiological contaminants according to current EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers.

Technical Details:

The purifiers were operated for 100% of their rated capacity and challenged periodically with high concentrations of bacteria, cysts and viruses. At the 60% and 75% test points the units were challenged with “worst case” water according to protocol. Additionally, the systems were allowed to stagnate for 48 hours after the 50%, 75% and 100% test points to demonstrate that microbiological growth through the cartridge did not occur.

Conclusion: General Ecology’s Seagull IV and First Need water purifiers not only passed the EPA Guide Standard as Microbiological Purifiers by removing bacteria, cysts and viruses but exceeded the recommended removal levels. Again, this was achieved without the use of chemical additives or multiple processing.