Aqua Polish #10 Microfiltration Water Filter (No Tap)


Brillant microfiltration water filter for coffee machines, ice makers, and anywhere a high volume of water is needed

The Aqua Polish Microfiltration water filter sets the standard for excellence in water filtration. Incorporating Structured Matrix™” technology for extremely fine Microfiltration and Broad Spectrum Adsorption/ Molecular Sieving, the Aqua-Polish system is intended to remove a broad range of drinking water pollutants, effectively, reliably and economically.

The Aqua Polish #10 microfiltration water filter is perfect to connect to ice machines, coffee machines, fridges or when high flow, high capacity filtered water is required.

Supplied with:

  • Aqua Polish #10 Housing
  • Aqua Polish #10 Cartridge
  • John Guest nipple
  • John Guest Tap Adapter
  • Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)
  • High Pressure Food Grade Water Filter Tube


Aqua-Polish cartridges provide maximum flow rates and capacity while remaining superior to many other water filtration products.

IMPORTANT: Aqua-Polish cartridge is a filtering device, not intended to remove microbiological contaminants and are not rated to remove water-borne pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


  • Particulate
  • Scale,
  • Sediment,
  • Rust,
  • Foul Tastes,
  • Fibres,
  • Bad Odours,
  • Chlorine,
  • and many other larger particle contaminants

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 18.9 Litres/min  5GPM
Capacity* Avg.: 19,000 Litres
Operating Pressure: 25 psi – 125 psi
Particle Retention: 1.0 Micron
Dimension: 12.7 cm (diameter) x 30.0 cm (height)


Aqua Polish PDF


  • Mains Water, Pre-Filter, In-Line, Coffee Machines, Ice Machines
  • Home
  • Restaurants / Cafe
  • Offices
  • Commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes / RV