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Purifiers Australia has the highest quality water filtration and purification systems on the market. We consult, design, supply, install and maintain all types of drinking water systems/solutions:

We have a system that will meet your requirements, and if we don’t we will design a solution.

Enjoy water that is purer than filtered water

Purified water is without bacteria, cysts, organic chemicals, metals or viruses. All this, without losing the valuable minerals and electrolytes your body needs. Fresh water, pure and healthy, on tap whenever you need it.

There is nothing like it

Purifiers Australia has world leading water purification systems, using technology that combines truly advanced concepts and purification techniques not available from any other product.

Our products are used in over 40 countries by homeowners, international airlines, government agencies, military and emergency preparedness organisations, professional outfitters, scientists, research laboratories, medical research teams and major corporations. The outstanding success of Structured Matrix™ purification technology is continually evidenced by laboratory tests, unmatched by competition and more than 35 years of customer satisfaction.



  • “I purchased the Eaqua 90 new cooling and carbonating system. I did not want it plumbed into the water supply and this unit you don’t have to. It is so stylish and looks great on the counter and being made in Italy you know you are getting a good well made product. I find that we drink a lot more water than we ever did due to the taste of the filtered water. Most importantly to me apart from having a good unit was the customer service that I received. Carmine was so helpful and delivered and set it up for me. All of the staff in the office were friendly and lovely to deal with. It is rare to find such good customer service and a good product also. I highly recommend both the product and the service you will receive at Purifiers at Norwood”

    Michelle Ross
  • “The portable First Need Purifier was great, easy to use and gave us peace of mind. Thanks again for your very prompt and excellent service.”

    Sam Clayton
  • “I fully endorse this product as excellent. The sincerity of all Personnel and the plumber came through. In quality and performance, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”

    Ronald D Coleman
  • “Thank you for installing the Seagull IV X-1F water purifier. I am finding the water excellent and a pleasure to drink.”

    D. Peake
  • “Thank you for the installation of this exceptional quality water purifier. I would like to highly commend this Seagull IV Water Purifier. This is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that is exceptional value.”

    Ms R. Armstrong
  • “As I say Pat, the units performed excellently and really contributed to the success of the expedition. We suffered no ill-effects drinking water from a rock hole, which even had a dead camel carcass in it. That must be a recommendation!”

    Tim Jarvis
  • “we have had a blind tasting test using this product (Seagull IV) against Piccadilly Springs Water and the results were very good”

    A Kriznic, Purchasing Manager Hyatt Regency Adelaide

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