Tivoli Top G 32PLEX

Chilled Filtered Sparkling Water on Tap

New professional countertop system for dispensing room temperature, chilled and sparkling water.

Electronic control for simultaneous dispensing of 3 bottles or glasses, with volumetric filling control for maximum precision. The electronic system allows you to assign different dispensing volumes to each nozzle.

Elegant design with stainless steel finish cabinet and glossy plexiglass inserts.

Control system which indicates when it is necessary to change the CO2 cylinder as well as the filter system, with the possibility of automatically stopping supply when the filters have not been replaced, for ensured maximum system safety.

Product Description

CO2 System:
A professional system with adjustable CO2 levels for continuous supply of sparkling water at high volumes and with an estimated production of approximately 300 to 350 litres of sparkling water per 2.6kg CO2 bottle.

Please note that the amount of sparkling water produced may vary depending up on appliance type, usage patterns and product “set-up”

Quality Parts:
Total hygiene is a priority, for this reason, only certified (DM 174/2004 – EC 1935/2004) food contact materials are used for all components in contact with liquid and great care is taken in assembling each product. This approach eliminates the possibility of contamination and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Appliances must only be connected to a potable drinking water supply (mains water). The incoming supply pressure must be good, i.e.: a constant pressure of approximately 2.5 and 5 bar. The flow rate should not be less the 3 litres per minute.

Digital Eye:
A sophisticated microprocessor-based control and management system. The main operating functions can be automated by using the digital display: beverage dispensing temperature programming and readouts, and set-up of the two most used container sizes; for example, cups and carafes, with user specified capacities.

Direct Chill:
Developed by ZERICA, Direct Chill has quickly established itself as one of the world standards in cooling systems. Simple and efficient, it is used in all models for customers requiring high performance and good overall efficiency at a lower cost compared to more advanced cooling systems.

Technical Specifications

Dispensing: Cold, Ambient, Sparkling
Cooling Capacity at 18°C (32°C): 55 (22) litres per hour
Cabinet: Stainless Steel/PLEX
Compressor Power: 1/3 HP Plus
Weight: 39Kg
Dimensions: 51 x 39 x 67 (H x W x D – cm)