Refresh® U90 Under Bench Chiller

Chilled Filtered Sparkling Water on Tap

We have a complete range of under-counter systems, provided with a compressor for cold water, very compact but maximum performance.

For the best-tasting chilled filtered water possible, we fit the Refresh U90 with a Seagull IV water purifier, this provides pure clean crisp purified water, not just filtered water.

High capacity of room temperature, cold and sparkling water supply.

Rapid connections are used in the water circuit for an easy installation.

Thermostat to regulate the temperature of chilled water.


Seagull IV Water Purification:
Seagull IV water purifiers combine the advanced “Structured Matrix” technology with the strength and endurance of modern materials. All Seagull IV purification systems are independently certified to meet EPA guide standard protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses. Plus, Seagull IV systems excel at removing chemical and aesthetic contaminants including herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and foul tastes, odours and colours, for great tasting water on demand.

Silver Turbo Clean:
This exclusive innovation has enabled the Refresh U90 to considerably improve the heat exchange mechanism and hygiene levels. Liquid enters via nozzles, creating vortex around the refrigeration chamber walls, which increases the efficiency of the heat exchange and also eliminates the possibility of stagnation. Water oxidises the silver particles releasing ions which carry out a proven bactericidal action.

Quality Parts:
Total hygiene is a priority, for this reason, only certified (DM 174/2004 – EC 1935/2004) food contact materials are used for all components in contact with liquid and great care is taken in assembling each product. This approach eliminates the possibility of contamination and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Utilises a professional system with adjustable CO2 levels for continuous supply of sparkling water at high volumes. The Refresh U90 is supplied with a 0.6kg disposable canister which is estimated to produce approximately 80 litres of carbonated water. Depending on cupboard space the Refresh U90 can be connected to larger CO2 cylinders, these include 1.0kg disposable cylinder or a 2.6kg refillable bottle. The 2.6kg bottle delivers the best economy (refills are cheaper) and is estimated to produce approximately 300 to 350 litres of sparkling water.

Please note that the amount of carbonated water produced may vary depending up on appliance type, usage patterns and product “set-up”

Appliances must only be connected to a potable drinking water supply (mains water). The incoming supply pressure must be good, i.e.: a constant pressure of approximately 2.5 and 5 bar. The flow rate should not be less the 3 litres per minute.

Technical Specifications

  • Dispenses Chilled, Room Temperature and Sparkling Water
  • Under Bench appliance
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Chilling capacity 19 L/Hr
  • 3-way dispenser (gooseneck) tap
  • Seagull IV Water Purification
  • Silver Turbo Clean cooling system, for improved hygiene and energy efficiency
  • Dimensions – 38.5 x 24 x 32.5 (H x W x D – cm)


  • Countertop column tap with 3 push buttons
  • 0kg Disposable CO2 cylinder
  • 6kg Refillable CO2 Bottle